Monday, June 22, 2009

.....feelin sad.....

Today is a hot sunny day (for the moment). The perfect kind of day that Nemesis would've loved. She would lay out in the sun and show her belly to the world. They say that's a sign that they feel safe and loved. I always wondered how she could stand that heat on her. She would just get this little grin on her face like she was in heaven! It was the best thing in the world...

I would rub that belly all the time. She HATED she would make these squeeky noises to get me to stop and swat at my hands. She came into my life when Katrina did, along with her older sister Midnite. I only hoped that they would get to know me and like me. I didn't realize how much I would come to love them.

(MIDNITE - 20yrs old) (Callisto kitty -9 and Lana Mojo - 4)
They miss their sister. I miss her. I feel so sad....and hope we did the right thing by her.

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