Monday, June 28, 2010

Pet rescuer?

So today was quite the day of trauma. I took my sweet pup out to play with her frisbee. After a couple of throws she came back holding her front paw up. She had nearly ripped her dew claw off. of course I panic!

we rushed her to the vet and $300 later her dew claw is gone and a sample from a growth on her back toe is off to a lab. oy i am stressed about somegthing crazy coming back.

Then we get home and my upstairs neighbor brings me a baby bird that she found while walking her SPCA website and they said that if it has full feathers put it back in the nest and leave it be. It's not true that the mother will not take them back. So one rescued baby bird, done.

I do LOVE animals, it was just one of those random days when things go a little nutty. tomorrow we take of lanas bandage and I hope all is well. i should hear something about the cell results in a day or two.

She's my best four legged friend...don't know what I would do without her.