Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking In....

Sometimes I watch her walk by out of the corner of my eye.
Sometimes she glances my way.
She never seems to stop and look me in the face.
I often wonder why.

She's cute in this unaffected sort of way.
Her smile is a little lopsided.
She's taller than most girls,
I think I like her that way.

I catch a glimpse of her when she hurries by.
Her hair is Auburn red.
I wish she'd stop and chat a while..
Maybe I'll stop and try.

She tucks her hair behind her ear.
Looks down at her feet unsure.
I try to smile encouragement.
But I'm slowed down by my fear.

She tells me I shouldn't fear her.
She's just a little girl.
I look into her bright green eyes,
After all, it's just a mirror.


Finding my voice, learning to love myself. Fighting for my sanity.