Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking In....

Sometimes I watch her walk by out of the corner of my eye.
Sometimes she glances my way.
She never seems to stop and look me in the face.
I often wonder why.

She's cute in this unaffected sort of way.
Her smile is a little lopsided.
She's taller than most girls,
I think I like her that way.

I catch a glimpse of her when she hurries by.
Her hair is Auburn red.
I wish she'd stop and chat a while..
Maybe I'll stop and try.

She tucks her hair behind her ear.
Looks down at her feet unsure.
I try to smile encouragement.
But I'm slowed down by my fear.

She tells me I shouldn't fear her.
She's just a little girl.
I look into her bright green eyes,
After all, it's just a mirror.


Finding my voice, learning to love myself. Fighting for my sanity.


Margo Moon said...

She tucks her hair behind her ear.
Looks down at her feet unsure.

Wonderful lines. I once wrote a character, a very strong woman, who had the habit of looking at the tops of her feet as she pondered something. Do you really do that?


frannie said...

Yea I really do that.

Margo Moon said...

Then I take that as a sign that you have her kind of strength.

frannie said...

Wow.....thanks. I never think of myself as strong. But coming from you, it means alot for some reason.

Hahn at Home said...

Nice work, kid. Enjoyed that very much - took me back to the day when I once felt that way.

Capn Dyke said...

Me Dear Frannie, let that tall, little girl take ye by th'hand an' lead ye towards th'strength Margo Moon be seein' in yer self.

Th' Cap'n was there once upon a time long ago as well an' such tall, little girls tend t'be pirate queens inside, y' th'by, ye have a berth aboard Th'Mound now.

Welcome Aboard, Lass!