Monday, March 23, 2009

Where oh Where has my little brain gone?

I missed St. Patty's day totally. My mom came into town, to take care of her dearest friend who had a double mastectomy. She's such a trooper and is doing so well. We are trying to get out of this dreary place we live. So much going on in my head.

i have been trying to catch up with my blog friends and can't seem to get it together.

My mom is soo funny, we went out for ice cream and the girl behind the counter didn't believe that we were mother and daughter. She thought we were just friends. My mom is going to be 60 this year. She sure got a kick out of that!

I had a great day with my niece and nephew at the park. They were so much fun. It's a little chaotic around here, I hope to get creative soon.