Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am venting right now....

This is what it says about HIM on his Myspace page......:

About me:I live my life with pride n respect. Its str8 up all bout the golden rule for damn sure. Im a single dad with 2 of the most beautiful n greatest kids n the world. I keep it 100% real 24/7 n if u cant keep it 100 too then u on the wrong page. But for those of u who can...much luv n respect n welcome to my page.

It makes me gag. It makes me want to choke the life out of him. I am not a violent person. I am not a hateful or evil person. This guy is EVERYTHING that I hate. He is pure evil and he doesn't deserve the freedom he has. This is the man who demoralized my sister so deeply that she felt that she deserved to be beaten nearly to death. He played every one of her insecurities and convinced her she was worthless. She was forced to runaway. when she finally got the courage to do so, he convinced her to come back, that he'd changed. When she sent the police away, he broke her jaw, and her nose, and proceeded to choke her. Their young son was in the other room listening to the horror.

He's an animal, and my sister for some reason dropped the charges on him. She let him live. She let him continue to breathe and suck the life out of everyone around him. she finally left the state. She had to leave her son. She had nothing. He continues to act as if HE is the motherfuckin victim. He refuses to let my family see my nephew. He threatens to get a restraining order against my mother if she sends letters or cards to her GRANDSON!

He is such a piece of fuckin shit!! I am soo angry. I don't know what to do with the anger. It eats away at my spirit. I want him to suffer the way that he makes everyone else suffer. I worry about my sweet nephew who is subject to his fathers mood swings. I don't know what to do. There's really nothing I can do. I can scream and yell and vent. I can be upset, but it doesn't get me anywhere and it doesn't hurt anyone but me.

Where do you put this kind of thing? How do you compartmentalize it? I know I will never get past this. Sometimes it leaves me alone and then days like today when my mom calls me and tells me that she sent her grandson a valentine (because she loves him), she gets threatened with a restraining order. UGH! It's soo frustrating and annoying and I wish I could just cuss his ass out, but it would just be worse for my sister. He would take it out on her.

My only hope is that my sister gets her shit together and gets he son back. Then finally sends his pussy ass to jail.

I'm sorry for so much cussin but sometimes it just feels right...

Thanks ya'll!

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Hahn at Home said...

I hope she finds the strength to get well and fight. The longer it goes, the more difficult it becomes.

And, what was the dream...c'mon, you know I'm dying to know.