Monday, November 24, 2008

EVIL personified!

Ok, I don't much talk about my "diet" or "lifestyle" change here. I get too frustrated. But I figured if I shared some of my hardships regarding this, maybe I could get some insight. I am addicted to these frickin atrocities. Burger King has added my kryptonite to their menu. Cheesy Tots. They are exactly what they sound like. Tator tots, with cheese in them, deep fried. Pure unadulterated EVIL.

I cannot seem to resist them, I crave them at all hours of the day, breakfast, lunch, does not matter. They are a calorie nightmare and I need an antidote. lol. Do ya'll have anything like this in your life? Healthy or otherwise? Any suggestions for getting off of this cheesy rollercoaster that I'm on?


Margo Moon said...

I kinda have something like that in my life, but cheese isn't really involved. Or calories.


Let an order of them sit out all night to get cold and greasy. Then eat the whole bunch. That would cure me. ;)

frannie said... would think that might work....but they aren't really for SHAME!!!