Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday AWESOMENESS....

What a birthday weekend I've had! First that Party over at The Happy Hands Ranch where, I lost my chaps too a sneaky, sexy lady.... Lori. Then I went out to dinner with some of my best friends and got sung to by some goofy Mexican waiters. I got to hang out with my baby from Friday til today. She took two days off just to spend with me on my birthday!

I got a brand new bike! Lots of donations towards it and the best girlfriend on the planet!! I'm soo happy right now. I feel really good and I'm really, really proud of myself!

Thanks my special blog friends, you guys are the BEST! I hope you all are as happy and blessed as I am!

35 and holding!!

Boy do I need new sneakers!! lol

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Margo Moon said...

35 and holding what? Yer girlfriend? Excellent.

Just get some new laces, and I betcha those shoes last a long, long time.

Happy Birthday, Frannie Girl.