Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now accepting....

Ideas, suggestions....etc.....

I'f you've been through my artwork (older posts incld.) You can see that I sometimes have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts and let's see what I can do with them!

I'd appreciate it.....

Also, I have to say thanks to Ms. Margo Moon over @ The Happy Hands Ranch for including me in the awesome Posse she's acquired! I'm so excited and totally getting in touch with my inner cowgirl!! I had a great time at Lane's graduation!

peace ya'll!


Margo Moon said...

It's like you been ridin' with us forever, Frannie.

-A portrait of Tina Fey
-Turtles on parade
-A boat full of bright scarves
-Portrait of Tina Fey

frannie said...

HAHAH Ok...I get it, a portrait of Tina Fey....I'm on it!!!