Tuesday, July 24, 2007

....meandering thoughts.....

So, I've been contemplating my little year long project. I've been thinking about all the paintings, drawings, creative flotsam that I have posted. I've been wondering, if I should force something that creatively isn't there, or wait until the elusive "bug" bites?

There has been a downward spiral in my "art" and it's distressing me. I was hoping to improve my technique, my creative flow, my...whatever it is, that I used to tap into. When i look at other works of art that I love like my grandmothers stuff. I get frustrated and never want to pick up a brush or pencil again. The stuff in my head doesn't seem to translate to paper.

Is this the block? Artists block? Is that what I have? I think so.

I'm taking requests, ideas, whatever. If you have an idea, share it and let me see if I can get it done. Seriously....I gotta think of something!

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Anonymous said...

This is a really ambitious project to begin with, lovey. I think you've done awesomely! Wanna do any more portraits...like maybe a drawing of Harry Potter? I love the portraits.